A Full Margin

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13 January 1982
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I guess I'm abnormal. I am a writer. I am a furry. I am an avid fangirl. I like boys, girls and everything in between. I'm a mother of a batshit insane five year old boy and a two year old terror (who are honestly both completely delightful, honest!). I like to write slash fanfiction and some other serious stuff too. Feel free to friend me or throw in a comment here or there. I like to know who's watching. :) My interests kind of flit all over the place and probably can't be contained by the limit LJ smacks down on us... so pretty much assume if it's related to anything above I'm probably at least marginally interested in it.

To clear things up a bit, for the new or confused, I AM anemptymargin. However, I use that journal EXCLUSIVELY for the archiving of my fiction. So, if you're looking for a mainline of my written works, that's the place to go. I do not post my stories here, only on that journal and applicable communities. Broke down and created an account over at delicious for my fandom recs - check it out if you want to read what I'm fangirling over. Hah.

My writing goal for 2012 is 178,000 words of finished, published fic. This is only slightly higher than what I wrote last year!

GOAL FOR 2012 - 178,000:


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